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Reviews of Country Suburban Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.


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Technician: Philip

Dear Harry Sr.

Thank you for sending Philip to our home to resolve our heating system and heat pump problems. He is excellent! 

When you told me "don't worry, I have your back", you kept your promise and you are a man of your word.

We appreciated how you help us when we need your help and we are so grateful that you adjusted our bill.

You are a good man Harry...

Thank you for everything.

Dick and Marelyn


To whom it may concern:

Our A/C unit needed to be serviced and a part replaced. Miller was the service person to come to our home to do the repairs. Miller was professional. courteous, and very kind (a very rare thing in this day and age).

Our appreciation to you for sending such a wonderfully kind person! Kudos to Miller.




Thank you so much for the excellent service in the recent installation of our heating/cooling system.

Everyone that we dealt with was helpful, professional and friendly.

Thanks again.

Diane and Mike


Technician: Gary, Kyle, and Nick

A little over a week ago we began having problems with our furnace.  We would have to keep switching it on and off before it would come on and stay on.  My husband and I had decided it might be the thermostat and purchases one to have “just in case”.  Meanwhile, the weather took a turn around Jan 20th and cold set in.  On the 21st of January, the furnace decided to stop running completely.  We were looking at single digit and possible below zero temps.

The evening of January 21st, 2014 we called Country Suburban.  Within a couple of hours, your technician Gary was there to check out our unit.  Gary made his diagnosis and presented us with some options.  He was thorough, easy to understand and did a great job explaining our options.  We chose to replace the furnace.

At this point, I’m thinking about how many electric heaters we’re going to have to beg and borrow to keep us warm until the new furnace can be ordered and installed.

To our delight, Gary told us the furnace would be replaced the next day and that technicians would be at our house at 9:00 am to begin.  I asked if we could also have the duct work cleaned at that time.

At approximately 8:50, two young gentlemen arrived to install the new unit and clean the ducts.  I must admit, I was a bit worried, they looked so young. 

Well, Kyle and Nick did an amazing job. They didn't leave, they didn't take any breaks, they just kept working. They were both extremely knowledgeable and capable. They did a great installation job. Both my husband and I were so very impressed with these two young men.

Our new furnace was working by 7:00 pm (these guys stayed until the job was done). They also did a remarkably thorough job of cleaning the ducts. I mean remarkable. They took their time and made sure that every duct was cleaned inside and out with care.

I'm breathing easy and although it's tough to spend money on things you don't really see, I'm so glad we have this new furnace and even happier we had Country Suburban install our unit.

Both my husband and I want to again thank Gary, Kyle, and Nick for the wonderful service they provided. We would not hesitate a second to recommend Country Suburban and these gentlemen.

We also compliment Country Suburban on choosing and training these men. You should be proud of yourselves and your staff. We're grateful at how quick and easy this whole process was.


Technician: Jason

Well, it’s been two weeks since Jason was last here and aside from our dog, Molly, wondering what became of the man who kept going down into our cellar, all has been well.  We haven’t seen the “system malfunction” signal on the thermostat, the “secondary heat source” has come on and off regularly, the fan is doing its job quietly, the house has stayed warm, and in short, all is well.

Perhaps, you have seen the contractor on television, Mike Holmes.  He goes into houses and repairs things that have gone wrong.  His motto is “Make It Right”.  Might I suggest that this might also be your motto?

From the end of December until the middle of February one of your repairmen has been in our house trying to track down the problems with that secondary heat source.  First, it was every other week, then it was almost every week and towards the end, Jason practically became a member of the family.  Through all this there was never any talk of your giving up, walking away and telling us to just live with the problem.

We have dealt with purchase that failed.  From cars to televisions to computers, I imagine we have seen things that either don’t work right or simply stop working.  In many cases, the manufacture’s or retailers’ response is “It’s yours, you bought it, you fix it.”  This was never the case with your company. 

The determination that your company showed to “make it right” was indeed impressive and appreciated.

Should anyone ever ask if you stand behind your products, please feel free to show them this unsolicited letter.

Does Country Suburban stand behind what they sell?  You bet they do and we can prove it!

Ken and Donyee M.

I am writing to compliment you and your entire staff for the excellent work and professionalism with the installation of our new central air conditioning system.

I am in the advertising field and have come across many heating and air conditioning businesses, and I will say without a doubt, your company has all of them beat, hands down. Your staff explained to me, everything they were installing, how they planned on connecting things, and how all of the pieces of equipment would work hand in hand.

Since we had a split system installed, it was a very complicated job of tearing out old equipment and even more time consuming installing the new equipment. Your staff never complained once and worked at my home for just over 10-hours until the job was completed. They made sure the system was operating properly and that we were satisfied. Most other companies take your money and you never hear from them again, unless you call them with a problem.

Many companies do not take the time to do what your staff did. Even before work began, your company was very helpful providing us with an estimate and explaining in great detail what we needed, how things work and what to expect. No over sell! I’ve had other companies talk to me, but many were in a hurry, did not know all aspects of heating and air conditioning, and even provided me with incorrect equipment for my needs.

Your people treated us like family and not a number. Everyone has been extremely helpful and worked very hard to provide us with the best equipment for our budget. We were not over charged either. Plus, your staff even helped us with the paper work to obtain various rebates available to us.

Because I know many people, I plan on recommending your company to them… and if any potential customers ever have questions, you are more than welcome to have them call me. Thank you again for meeting our needs, and thank your staff. We are very satisfied with our new central air system.

New Hartford